Friday, October 16, 2015

Adverse Impact Multitasking at Work

In an age of globalization today, many demands harusa you do to be able to work quickly and fast and very minimal in error. Multitasking is doing a job in beramaan with satisfactory results anyway. Have you ever done that? It is true multitasking in a job very mmebantu job will be completed quickly but if you know the impact of multitasking proficiency level? The following will explain the impact of multitasking in your life!

Adverse Impact Multitasking at Work

Concentrating hard
Konsentarasi very important needed for everything you do whether it effortless home, office work and so forth. If you tergannggu concentration will certainly worsen. Concentration problems are usually caused by the fragmentation of our minds. So try to always concentrate in every respect.

Do the job with the same time will make the mind becomes depressed so create increased stress. With the increased stress of course productivity will decline and make the mind more and more burdens and health will terganngu anyway.

Debilitating Memory
People who often do the job multitsking inclined he will be difficult to remember something he had done. It was caused by the mind very much accept information yet temporary, and the brain was not able to record quickly because he thinks is a job all over.

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