Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Things Hair Damage

For a woman, the hair is a crown that must be protected and treated as possible. Experience hair loss, dandruff, and branching is a serious problem for a woman. They are often not aware of anything that makes their hair into looking bad. So what are the mistakes often made women who make damaged hair? Consider the following review.

1. Wash your hair every day. You need to know if frequent washing of hair, let alone every day is not the right thing. They often think if often wash your hair will make hair more clean. In fact this is wrong, the natural oils in the hair it will disappear and make it dry. Cukcup cleanse your hair twice a week.

2. Too Many Chemicals. Color your hair, use a shampoo, then use the serum will quickly damage your hair. Hair growth will be impaired and can increase problems on your beautiful hair.

3. Too often exposed to heat. In this case the heat meant is seiringnya use catokan hair. The use of hair straighteners too often can make the skin dry and unhealthy.

4. Passive smokers. If you are in an environment of smokers, immediately get away from the place. Cigarette smoke which attached to the hair constantly can damage the health of your hair.

That's the thing to keep in mind that your hair is not easily damaged.

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